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In general, your application subcomponents never initiate calls to your underlying RTOS. Since RTC/MLTnet is built on top of your RTOS, your application subcomponents require no knowledge of operating system principles, RTOS APIs, or system service calls to generate high-performance real-time embedded applications. They simply and easily interface to RTC/MLTnet, which performs all the real-time and networking software functionality on behalf of your application. In addition, this “platform independent” technology allows your application subcomponents to be built with maximum portability and scalability. They can be used repeatedly in current and future projects utilizing different hardware configurations.

The Real-Time Control Executive (RTCEXEC) is a major component of the RTC “Real-Time Control” system. RTCEXEC is the real-time control middleware component that provides the high-performance, fully scalable, simple, controlled, and centralized means of interfacing real-time processes to the computer operating system. RTCEXEC hides (via a transparent interface) the complexities of operating systems, system service protocols, and hardware platforms.

RTC, MLTnet, and the ASA technology provide all the functionality required to support any complex distributed computing application. However, real-time developers wishing to implement their own real-time processes may utilize RTCEXEC separately.

RTCEXEC consists of 11 real-time control service classes to make applications “totally portable” and scalable no matter the computer operating system, computer programming language, or even the customized hardware platform. RTCEXEC service groups provide support for data acquisition, interprocess communication, system control, equipment status monitoring and control, software fault tolerance, time-driven event processing, and interrupt-driven event processing.

It is very important to note that most RTC/MLTnet users only require a couple of Mail Services and one Error Reporting Service to meet their complex embedded application requirements.

Finally, RTCEXEC eliminates years of complicated, high-risk software effort; thus significantly reducing project schedule and time to market.

The RTCEXEC consists of the following service groups:

Mail Services

Provides the mechanism for an application subcomponent to communicate with another subcomponent. No knowledge of subcomponent location is required. They may be inside the same process, in different processes on the same platform, or located within processes on different nodes or processors -- anywhere throughout the LAN, WAN, or even the Internet. The "ASA Universal Message Passing Facility" supports many robust interprocess communication features, including subcomponent multicasting, subcomponent aliasing, redundant path communication, and dynamic configuration.

I/O Services

Allows processes to communicate with external hardware devices.

Time Management Services

RTC Allows scheduling and synchronization of time-driven process activity.

Event Management Services

Provides the means for processes to synchronize with each other, or to external devices.

Interrupt Control Services

Allows processes to respond asynchronously to external events.

Process Control Services

Provides services for process creation, deletion, and execution control (suspend, alter priority, etc.).

Process Status Services

Provides the means of obtaining process status and identification information.

Memory Management Services

Provides control over process memory attributes and usage.

Lock Management Services

Provides the means for synchronizing access to a shared database or resource.

Condition Handling Services

Allows user-defined handlers to gain control when the system detects fault conditions.

Error/Action Reporting Services

Provides the mechanism for multiple, concurrently executing processes, to report errors and system actions to a logging device, without delaying mission-critical process operation.


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