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The MLTnet Executive (MLTnetEXEC) is a major component of the MLTnet “Multipurpose Networking” system. MLTnetEXEC is the networking middleware component which provides the high-performance, fully scalable, simple, controlled, and centralized means of interfacing network servers to the computer system’s network subsystem (protocol stack, e.g., TCP/IP). MLTnetEXEC hides (via a transparent interface) the complexities of networking protocols, networking hardware, and network APIs.

MLTnet, RTC, and the ASA technology provide all the functionality required to support any complex distributed computing application. However, network developers wishing to implement their own network servers for peer-to-peer communication may utilize MLTnetEXEC separately (allowing them to focus on their client-server applications).

MLTnetEXEC supports point-to-point network communication (including TCP and UDP support for connection-oriented and connectionless communication) over local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN, and the Internet).

MLTnetEXEC operates on a wide-variety of standard and embedded platforms. Finally, MLTnetEXEC eliminates years of complicated, high-risk software effort; thus significantly reducing project schedule and time to market.


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