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System Analysis

ARS's Engineering Division specializes in system architecture and analysis of your "proposed" distributed real-time software project. In addition to addressing your general system requirements, our system engineers thoroughly analyze your timing requirements. Some of the categories of timing requirements analyzed include:

External Performance Requirements

Data Throughput Requirements, Response-Time Requirements, I/O Requirements, Network Bandwidth Requirements, Processor Bandwidth Requirements, Physical Media Bandwidth Requirements, Clock Resolution Requirements

    Internal Performance Requirements

    Display Update Requirements, Database Update Requirements, Message Traffic Requirements, Internal Software Performance Timing Requirements (Operating Systems, Network Stacks, Layered Products, Application Software, etc.)

System Architecture

After the system analysis phase is complete, ARS system engineers will then architect your proposed distributed real-time software project. A physical system architecture and software architecture will be offered. This is accomplished only after thorough tradeoff analyses have been performed. In addition, risk mitigation, logistics factors and embedded systems development issues (for real-time embedded systems) are always addressed.

Evaluation and Troubleshooting

For customers having problems with currently deployed distributed real-time systems, our engineers are experts in system troubleshooting. ARS offers several types of consulting services to evaluate and troubleshoot your system.


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