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Technical Training

ARS Courses

ARS's Educational Services Division provides technical training in the use of all ARS products and technology. Courses are offered for users of the ARS Real-Time Control System (RTC) and the ARS Multipurpose Networking System (MLTnet).

Instruction is also available for real-time developers wishing to implement their own real-time processes via ARS's Real-Time Control Executive (RTCEXEC). Additional courses are provided for network developers wishing to implement their own network servers for peer-to-peer communication via ARS's MLTnet Executive (MLTnetEXEC).

The goal of our Educational Services Division is to enhance the skills and increase the productivity of DP professionals responsible for real-time systems development in distributed environments. Our courses combine technical depth with practical implementation techniques. We specially design our curriculum to benefit students with diverse backgrounds and differing levels of technical experience.

ARS provides high-quality technical training in the areas of distributed real-time software engineering. We support a variety of platform operating systems (UNIX, OpenVMS, Windows, etc.) and embedded systems (VxWorks, Linux, etc.). Instruction for an assortment of networking protocols (TCP/IP, DECnet, OSI, Ethernet, etc.) is available. Most courses offer a special "platform transition option." These classes are uniquely customized for engineers familiar with one platform (UNIX, OpenVMS, etc.) and/or networking protocol (TCP/IP, DECnet, etc.), who need to know the answer to: "How can I implement the equivalent mechanism, on another platform, using a different networking protocol?"

We concentrate on how operating system internals and network protocol stack intricacies influence efficient distributed real-time design. Unlike most courses and seminars today, we focus on how to design, implement, test, and troubleshoot. All courses teach highly efficient, current industry working designs that are proven successes. While our instructors have extensive training experience, they are not just teachers -- they are experts in their fields, and have actually developed systems on a variety of platforms. The techniques mastered may be implemented immediately, and reused with other platforms and application requirements.

Course Location

  • Though all courses are offered at ARS's Educational Services location, many courses are also available via web conference, and on-site at your location.
  • By bringing these proven courses on-site or via web conference, you'll train more people, more quickly, and at greater savings.
  • Since travel expenses are eliminated, web conferencing and on-site courses are cost-effective -- even with groups of less than ten.
  • Web conference and on-site courses always suit your schedule.

Can the Course be Customized?

  • Yes, pre-course discussions with our training specialists insure that the presentation will exactly match your needs.
  • Courses can be lengthened or condensed as required.

Course Format

  • Courses may be lecture only or lecture/lab classes (facility permitting).
  • Some courses require completion of prerequisite classes (or similar experience).
  • Courses range from one to five days in duration.

Course Pricing and Registration

  • Course tuition is based on course length and type.
  • Discounts are available for larger groups and multiple course registration.

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