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ARS Provides Technical Support and Service Where/When You Need It!

As part of the ARS distributed real-time software solution, we are on call during all phases of your project cycle.

Our extensive experience in providing solutions for commercial and government mission-critical systems translates to a high level of expertise and an understanding of the needs of customers. ARS provides a broad spectrum of support services, all offered with our commitment to meeting your scheduled deadlines.

Our customer support staff consists of dedicated, highly qualified senior technical specialists whose job is support and service. Technical support can be on-site or via hotline.

Our customer support staff may be contacted via:

Tel: (760) 636-0444
Fax: (760) 565-9280
E-Mail: ARS Technical Support
On-line: Submit On-Line Request
110 Conejo Circle, Suite 100
Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA


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