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ARS's revolutionary, high-performance technology and products are backed by a world-wide track record of proven in-field successes. They allow you to quickly and easily develop totally portable and scalable distributed real-time applications. You need never worry about computer operating systems, network communication protocols, computer programming languages, or even your customized hardware platforms.

Customers are freed to do what they do best - focus on their applications!

Introducing RTC/MLTnet for VxWorks Version 5.0:
Distributed Real-Time Software Development System

Introducing RTC/MLTnet for POSIX Version 5.0:
Distributed Real-Time Software Development System

ARS Real-Time Control System: RTC
ARS Multipurpose Networking System: MLTnet

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RTC/MLTnet Live Product Demonstration is now available!

See RTC/MLTnet in live operation.


Advanced Realtime Systems, Inc. (ARS) RTC Version 5.0 and MLTnet Version 5.0 use the “ARS Generic Distributed Real-Time Software Architecture” (ASA) technology allowing developers to quickly “plug-in” applications into a self-contained, high-performance, fully-featured, “out-of-the-box” distributed real-time control system. In addition, ARS products can support a company's already deployed "legacy" devices/systems (not running RTC/MLTnet). This can save tremendous amounts of software development effort.

RTC/MLTnet can eliminate years of complicated, high-risk software effort. ARS products have relieved up to 90% of a project’s software development effort.

Since the complicated, high-risk software is completely written and tested via RTC/MLTnet, your time to market is reduced significantly.

ARS products are designed to meet the needs of high-performance applications within the automotive, medical, financial, military, aerospace, cellular, and industrial markets.



ARS specializes in distributed real-time data acquisition and control systems, real-time embedded systems, client-server network communication systems, fault-tolerant systems, and many other types of mission-critical distributed real-time applications.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of applications:

  • Military Command and Control Systems
  • Cloud-Based Enterprise SaaS Systems
  • Transaction-Processing Systems
  • High Availability (HA)/Zero Downtime Systems
  • Cybercrime Web Fraud Systems
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • Medical Technology Systems
  • Automotive Data Acquisition Systems
  • Cellular Technology Systems
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Transaction-Oriented On-Line Banking Systems
  • Provisioning Systems
  • Internet-Based Financial Applications
  • Process Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Telephone Switching Systems
  • Factory Automated Instrument Control Systems
  • Television Broadcast Control Systems
  • Detection Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Real-Time Simulation Systems
  • Phased Array Radar Simulation Environment (PARSE) Systems

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"I am writing this testimonial because I know what RTC/MLTnet can do. Besides meeting all of our stringent real-time performance requirements (less than 1ms fidelity across our distributed system and custom hardware), I estimate that using this product saved us several hundred thousand dollars in development costs, test costs, and especially debug costs. Five years after delivery, our mission-critical Phased Array Radar system, built for the United States Air Force, is in continuous use, 24 hours/day, at Peterson Air Force Base here in Colorado Springs."

Ron Stoops, formerly Program Manager, Simulations Department, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC); currently Senior Staff, NORAD Systems, Lockheed Martin Corporation


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